Element 52

Finbro Construction served several roles on the Element 52 project with principal Steve Finger serving as the owner’s rep, Dylan Henderson the project architect and Werner Catsman executing over five million dollars in subcontract work. All three principals were integral in buying down the project and reducing the construction budget from 78 million to 54.5 million. Our buy down strategy balanced in depth market knowledge with a broader understanding of unit costs in Telluride and beyond. Our relationships with numerous subcontractors allowed us to negotiate fair subcontracts that met or exceeded the quality goals of the project. Finbro brought all interior finish trades to the table including tile, plaster and decorative steel and not only managed the project from drywall in, but also self performed all interior trim, wood flooring, cabinetry and beam work. Finbro Construction’s subcontract was executed without a single change order and Finbro set the pace on site with its execution and provided significant support for the General Contractor. Dylan Henderson coordinated the entire plan set and brought the plans to a point where the project could be permitted with fully code compliant drawings. He detailed and addressed over 1200 RFI’s and provided real time design coordination that allowed the project to be completed within 28 months. His unsurpassed knowledge of building code and real world architectural solutions allowed him to work directly with the projects engineers and local building officials to troubleshoot and resolve any and all issues.



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