Tristant/Townhomes on the Creek

Consisting of 14 log buildings and 34 units with over 65,000 sq feet of construction, Finbro Construction took over this project in March of 2007 to complete the second phase of construction which consisted primarily of foundations and partial log stacks. Implementing a recovery plan and restructuring the job site culture was critical to getting Phase 2 back on track and Finbro was able to complete this phase of the project in 18 months. Finbro redesigned the interior floor plans as well as the finish specifications, plumbing and electrical package to dramatically upgrade the third phase of the project, Townhomes on the Creek. Finbro also hired its own Civil Engineer to rework all of the project’s infrastructure and ski access. A ski trail and bridge were built to provide ski -in/out access and compliment the funicular lift. The third phase of the project was not only significantly upgraded; it was delivered for $365.00 per sq foot in 24 months despite beginning foundation work in late 2008 and working through a record winter.

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