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The Company

Finbro Construction LLC was founded in 2006 by Werner Catsman and Steve Finger.  
Our company has extensive experience with all forms of residential construction including single-family custom homes, mixed-use projects, historic preservation and multi-unit condominiums/hotels.  We have a consistent track record of successfully executing complex projects and collaborating with our clients and design teams.  

The Team

We currently have a team of approximately 20 dedicated employees that include project managers, superintendents, foremen, estimators/project administrators, staff accountants, IT and management.  




We view communication as the most critical aspect of a successful project and use Procore construction management software, an ideal platform for managing the job and all correspondence.



Our significant experience gives us a firm grasp of unit prices in the region, and given the volume of work we provide, subcontractors provide us with their best pricing and base their business around our projects. 


Cost Control

We understand unit pricing in the region and apply  that knowledge to the project’s quantities so the costs of the project is clear.  We often have a shared savings clause with our clients on their projects. 



Risk Mitigation

We are experts with state of the art sound and fire rated assemblies, conveyance, window installation, site grading, flashing and water control. We focus on all critical areas of risk and thoroughly document.


Quality Control

We conduct daily inspections and document every aspect of what we build in real-time. Our subcontractors provide clear scopes of work and an exhibit that articulates industry standards.



We provide a detailed Closeout Manual that contains warranties, manuals, maintenance requirements, and photos and videos of key aspects including rough in, waterproofing details, and assemblies.  


The Principals: Werner Catsman and Steve Finger

Werner Catsman was born and raised in Telluride, Colorado and began his construction career at the age of 15, installing roads and utilities in the new Mountain Village. After gaining experience with infrastructure development, Werner worked for several years as a carpenter on custom homes and condo projects in the region.  He then went to work  as General Manager of Scott Fly Rod Company where he was instrumental in increasing profits through production planning and lean management practices.  Werner’s experience running a complex and high-end manufacturing facility, combined with a broad construction background, has given him a unique ability to apply the elements of lean production, detailed quality control, and strong leadership to all Finbro Construction’s projects.  Werner personally manages all Finbro projects, negotiating subcontractor buy downs; implementing and driving the critical path; leading OAC meetings; and generally focusing on all aspects of the project. 

Steve Finger is one of Telluride’s most successful developers and his experience developing high-end condo and custom home projects has given Finbro a “developer’s mentality.”  With Steve’s vision, Finbro builds all projects as if we were the owner.  Steve's philosophy has shaped the company and includes firm discipline on executing schedules and maintaining budgets.  His eye for detail provides another level of quality control on all projects.

Finbro Construction

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