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As part of the Transfer Telluride Project, Finbro Construction stabilized the iconic Transfer Warehouse, one of Telluride's most historically significant buildings. In the early years the building served the town's thriving mining economy as a warehouse, livery and office for the Telluride Transfer Company until the 1950s.  The building then remained in use as a service station until 1978. The roof on the structure collapsed in 1979 and the building continued to fall into significant disrepair. In 2017, as part of the well-planned Transfer Project, the building was secured by the Telluride Arts District for future development as a cultural center. With the Art Districts' goal of building a separate structure within the original walls and leaving them exposed, Finbro Construction was engaged to provide temporary stabilization while fundraising and design for the new cultural center continued.  
The temporary scope of the stabilization included bolting steel pipe jacks and a temporary steel diaphragm around the perimeter of the building that would support the walls. Permanent improvements include: rebuilding and capping the parapet of the building; tuck pointing and installing new mortar around all of the stones in the interior and exterior of the building; and connecting the two walls with epoxy dowels.  With multiple colors of mortar having been used on the building during its original construction and 120 years of maintenance, Finbro skillfully selected and mixed a color that matched the original. The parapet was carefully reconstructed using a blend of the original stone that was still in the building from the original collapse supplemented with stone from a local quarry. Over 3,500 holes were drilled between the two walls with steel dowels epoxied into them to provide a lasting connection.  
With the building stabilized, the Telluride Arts District is able to safely pursue their funding and Finbro Construction hopes to have an opportunity to complete the project when the design is finished.
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