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Finbro Project Receives Preservation Award

General Contractor Finbro Construction and Jack Wesson Architects were recognized by Telluride Historical and Architectural Review Commission (HARC) receiving the 2019 Preservation Award for Rehabilitation & Restoration for their work on the 'Holly House' located on South Townsend Street.

At the May 2019 HARC meeting the commission presented the award to the 'Holly House' for its sensitive rehabilitation, preservation of historic materials, appropriateness of the new addition, and complexity of the project due to the historic log construction. The 'Holly House' was built of logs as a boarding house in 1892 by John Runyon, making it one of the oldest structures in Telluride and possibly the oldest in the West Telluride Addition neighborhood. The rehabilitation project ensures that the 'Holly House' will survive another 127 years.  Following its successful rehabilitation, the Telluride Historic Architectural Survey (THAS) rating of the structure was increased from "Noncontributing with Qualifications" to "Supporting."

Finbro Construction

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