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Finbro Assists in Creating an Outdoor Community Space

Given how important outdoor space has become this summer, the Telluride Arts District engaged Finbro Construction to create a level platform in the Transfer Warehouse which we had stabilized in 2017.  The stabilization includes a variety of interior braces that are difficult to work around. As a result, we engaged Jonathan Fike and his new Stout conveyor www.stoutconveyors.com to allow us to place fill material into the building efficiently and safely.  In a matter of a few days, Finbro placed enough fill to create a nice level platform that the community will be able to enjoy this summer.  We are thrilled to have an opportunity to continue to play a role in such an iconic building in our home town. For more info on events at the Warehouse this summer see: www.telluridearts.org

Finbro Construction

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