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Finbro Construction's COVID-19 Response


The past 10 weeks have been unprecedented in our nation’s modern history and the pandemic has created new challenges for all of us.  

Due to our community’s limited medical infrastructure, our county (San Miguel County) imposed one of the most stringent public health orders in Colorado and construction, unlike in most municipalities, was not considered essential.  

As a result, we have taken a very active role with our County Commissioners, County Manager, Public Health Director and all three of our local building departments to demonstrate that we can work on and manage our projects safely.  

Fortunately, Finbro's safety culture is deep rooted, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment is not a new concept on our projects and jobsites.  As a result, implementing social distancing, wearing masks, and practicing good hygiene has been seamless for our crews and we’ve simply adopted a new chapter to our safety program.  All of Finbro's Project Managers have taken the OSHA Pandemic Response class and received certifications in managing pandemics on jobsites.  

In addition to these best practices, we have created a program to manage contact tracing and a COVID- 19 dashboard (see below) for each project.  This is a critical step in hopefully allowing us to continue to work even if there is a future outbreak. San Miguel County adopted the contact tracing form we produced for use by all county businesses.

As we all cautiously move toward what is being described as the 'new normal,' we are confident in our team and the measures we have implemented, as well as proud of the leadership Finbro Construction has provided.

On this important Memorial Day weekend, we hope all Americans can take a moment to thank the first responders, our veterans and most importantly, all of the Americans who have lost their lives in service of our country.  

Best wishes and take good care.


Werner Catsman, President, Finbro Construction

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